Recycle your used device by downloading your free shipping label below.

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HTC encourages consumers to send in their old or unwanted tablets, wireless phones, smartphones, accessories and batteries free using a postage paid shipping label. HTC will accept, at no charge, any device, regardless of condition or manufacturer. The devices received will be cleared of data and will either be refurbished for reuse or recycled accordingly by our ISO 14001 certified partner. Consumers with HTC devices who wish to clear the data off their device prior to returning it for recycling should select their device on HTC's support page, click to download the User Guide, then follow the instructions for "Factory reset" or "Resetting the device" (typically the last section in the guide before the copyright notice and index). Limits of Data Wipe: Erasing data is commonly called wiping. No wiping method is 100% effective and even with the highest level wipe it is possible for sophisticated tools to recover residual data. No data wipe leaves a device as free from data as a new device.
Consumers who do not want to use the postage paid shipping option can recycle their devices at any MRM Recycling dropoff site (see for a listing of locations) or Best Buy location in the United States. Please visit to find a store near you. For more information, please refer to Best Buy's Recycling page.

HTC and our customers handle and dispose of various types of tablets, wireless phones, smartphones, accessories, and batteries. The HTC recycling program provides a means for consumers to properly and safely recycle these items in furtherance of these federal and state laws intended to protect human health and the environment.


If you have additional questions about the mail-back recycling program please contact our recycling partner, Clover Wireless, at 1-800-527-4700 and request Customer Service